Case studies


Case study 1 - publication management

As a benefit of membership, the quarterly Franchise Review magazine was costing the Franchise Council of Australia money - but it didn’t have to. I took over the management of the project – including content, design, advertising and supplier contracts (print, design, post etc.) and was able to turn the magazine into a cost-neutral project, without compromising on content, look and feel. This was reflected by the increase in advertising and readership.

case study 2 - online marketing

On an annual basis this trade-based industry body spends money on promoting their sector to consumers - in an effort to educate and drive customers to use member services. It was costing more money than it should and because of the channels used – radio, mainstream print media – was proving difficult to measure a return on investment. I took over the project, changed the value proposition and focused on using online tools such as search engine marketing, digital advertising (see above), Facebook and Google AdWords. The result was a substantial decrease in spending, and over 250,000 visits to the members directory webpage. A very tangible member benefit for the association to promote.

case study 3 - membership newsletter

This e-newsletter is the primary method of communication to members used by a peak industry body, so it was important to understand if it was being read. I took over the project and updated the email version – changing the look and feel, managing content and creating measurable links. The e-newsletter now has a remarkable 67% open rate, which represents a 200% increase on the industry average.